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FIPS 039001

Ohio MARCS Information

System ID 3:..


Connect Tone:..




Radio ID's:..
M/A Calling:..
M/A Ops:..

Site ID:


Transmitter Site:

Blue Creek






Site ID:


Transmitter Site:





Site ID:


Transmitter Site:

West Union




Mutual Aid Frequencies



What is MARCS?

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Common Frequencies

155.115 Adams County Communications Center Squad Traffic, Ambulance-ACH ER Reports*
155.160 Adams County Communications Center To Tone Fire and EMS Units
154.235 Adams County Communications Center Fire Department Traffic
33.44 Fire Channel Certain Fire Departments will use this channel to do scene comms.
154.815 Adams County Communications Center Police/Sheriff Traffic
154.935 Ohio LEERN Ohio Law Enforcement Emergency Radio Network
154.680 Ohio LEERN Ohio Law Enforcement Emergency Radio Network
461.650 Adams County Schools School Bus Traffic
466.650 Adams County Schools School Bus Traffic
462.975 University Air-Care UC Air Care Emergency Helicopter Operations
462.950 Miami Valley Care Flight MVH Helicopter Operations
155.280 Miami Valley Careflight Medical Updates
155.205 St. Joseph (Lexington KY) CareFlight CareFlight Radio Traffic
155.400 University of Kentucky AirCare University of Kentucky Flight Radio Traffic.
155.340 Meadowview Regional Medical Center Squad-MRH Radio Reports
155.370 Ohio Intercity Police Radio Traffic.


*Not all EMS Units will use Radio to communicate with the hospital.

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Signals & Codes

16 Dead on Arrival/Non-Breather
20 Fight
21 Prisoner
24 Drunk
25 Headquarters
26 Fight
28 Fire
31 Accident
31A Accident W/Injury
34 Juveniles
39 Location
40 Gun
40a Knife
43 Home
58 Suicide
69 Drugs
94 Psyciatric
D.N.R. Do Not Attempt Resc. Efforts
D.O.A. Dead on Arrival
E.M.S. Emergency Medical Services
E.O.W. End of Work
G.O.A. Gone on Arrival
M.V.A or M.V.C. Motor Vehicle Accident/Crash- Car Wreck
P.D. Police Department
Point 19 Drunk Driver
S.O. Sheriff's Office


Most Adams County Radio Traffic is given using plain English instead of in codes. However, these codes are some of the ones that are used.

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Station Numbering

11 Green Township
12 Jefferson Township
13 Manchester
14 Monroe Township
15 Peebles/Meigs Township
16 Scott Township
17 Wayne Township
18 West Union
19 Winchester
20 Franklin Township
1, 6, 16 Peebles
2, 12 Seaman
3, 13 Winchester/Wayne Twp.
4, 5, 14 West Union
10, 11, 15 Manchester
7 DP&L Stuart Station Emergency Squad
8 General Electric-Peebles
9 DP&L Killen Station Emergency Squad

Red- Fire Station
Blue- Life Squad

Squad 13 is housed at Station 17 in Cherry Fork.

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