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Last Update: September 11, 2006
Family Radio Service

What is Family Radio Service?

The Family Radio Service (FRS) is one of the Citizens Band Radio Services. It is for your family, friends and associates to communicate among yourselves within your neighborhood and while on group outings. You cannot make a telephone call with a FRS unit and you should expect a communication range of less than one mile.

Do I need an FCC license for my FRS unit?

License documents are neither needed or issued. FRS Rule 1 provides you authority to operate a FRS unit in places where the FCC regulates radio communications, as long as you use only an unmodified FCC certified FRS unit. An FCC certified FRS unit has an identifying label placed on it by the manufacturer. There is no age or citizenship requirement.

Which FRS channels may I use?

You may use any of the 14 channels on a "take turns" basis with other users that may be operating in your immediate area. No FRS channel is assigned to any specific individual or organization.

What are the frequencies of the 14 FRS channels?

The 14 channels are designated as follows:

1 - 462.5625
8 - 467.5625
2 - 462.5875
9 - 467.5875
3 - 462.6125
10 - 467.6125
4 - 462.6375
11 - 467.6375
5 - 462.6625
12 - 467.6625
6 - 462.6875
13 - 467.6875
7 - 462.7125
14 - 467.7125

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