ScanOhio - Lifeflight / Air Rescue / Medevac
Last Update: September 11, 2006
Air Rescue
123.025 Air-Band Helicopters Unicom
123.050 Air-Band Helicopters Airport Helipad Ops
155.385 Cleveland Metro "Lifeflight" Dispatch
155.280 Dayton CareFlight Medical Information
462.950 Dayton CareFlight Flight Information
155.400 Ohio MedFlight  
155.205 St. Joe CareFlight (Lexington, KY)  
155.265 Stat Medevac (Pittsburgh, PA)  
462.975 U.C. Air Care Flight info, and medical reports
155.400 UK Air Care (Lexington, KY)  
155.265 University Hospital "Medevac"  
155.325 University Hospital "Medevac"  

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