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Last Update: September 11, 2006
Multi Use Radio Service

What is Multi Use Radio Service?

The Multi Use Radio Service (MURS) is one of the Citizens Band Radio Services. MURS is a private, two-way, short-distance voice, data or image communications service for personal or business activities of the general public. Even though the five MURS frequencies were formerly available only for business communications (authorized under 90.31 of the FCC Rules), the FCC's creation of the MURS now makes those frequencies also available for personal and family communications. Business communications are also still permitted. No one type has any preference or any other type, except that all communications must yield to any emergency communication on the same channel.

Do I need an FCC license for my FRS unit?

No license will be issued. You are allowed to operate a MURS unit if you are not a representative of a foreign government, and if you cooperate in the selection and use of channels in order to reduce interference to others.

Which FRS channels may I use?

You may use any of the 5 channels on a "take turns" basis with other users that may be operating in your immediate area. No MURS channel is assigned to any specific individual or organization.

What are the frequencies of the 5 MURS channels?

The 5 channels are designated as follows:

151.820 MHz
151.880 MHz
151.940 MHz
154.570 MHz
154.600 MHz

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